The Cartoon Movie for Everyone

I suggest you the address to watch sing online free English. In this article, I will show my feelings and movie content for you.

Movie content

The alien animals, busy with their work but they all have the same passion that is Music. And the one who binds them together is the Koala bear named Buster Moon. Moon began to have a passion for music, and the three of them washed their hard-working car without a dime to save money to buy a building for his son to make a dream of casting a show on stage.

But the activities are not very good and the day is worse, money is not enough money to pay, employees leave the only lizard nearly 200 years old to do everything. Moon had to struggle to keep things from collapsing, and he was off to a new project. That is to open a music contest for the whole neighborhood, anyone can be famous, because of the small incident, so the bonus from $ 1000 was $ 100,000 that Moon itself is not always known.

Sing is another must-see movie

It is because of such a large amount of money that all the congestion to the registration of audition. After selecting the contestant, other hardships will be started. Contestants have their personal feelings about their loved ones. The manager of the show is where the money to cover the stage, bonuses. All the bad luck that kept coming to Moon, causing him to lose everything and literally and literally. He and the contestants had to cross over socks

My feelings about film

The animation is more meaningful and humane than any other film; it is no longer just entertainment. The characters are ordinary animals, but they do not stop, they are successful and recognized.

No more awards, no more stage, no more. But just passion and effort, everything is smooth and full of glory. Because they are passionate, we also do not stop trying to be optimistic, positive thinking like Moon, the success will not offend anyone.

However, I have a feeling between the candidates are not very connected, they only deal with personal, moon itself because there are too many things, so there is no interaction with the contestants much. Only the end of the crowd cheered.

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